Mixed Media Installation
Roadside Attractions
January 4 - February 14, 2014
911 Davenport Road, Toronto, Canada

Rebpun which in the Kelabit language is a word to describe smoke. In a traditional Kelabit longhouse, the fireplace is known as the tetel. Items surrounding the tetel, blackened by constant smoke from the cooking fire, and traditional activities around the tetel including socializing and resting are highlighted in this series. As a Kelabit with very little knowledge of the language, this installation explores the subject of memory and highlight the presence of traditional household objects and their relations to the increasing irrelevance to modern Kelabit living.

Located at 911 Davenport Road in Toronto, Canada, Roadside Attractions is a storefront window art space created and maintained by WeSee Inc. The space is used for site-specific installations and other visual art projects. Conceived in 2007 with its inaugural exhibit in July of that year, Roadside Attractions has shown a diverse selection of artists incorporating a wide range of media. Our on-going commitment is to present exhibits that stimulate the promotion of contemporary art and culture in a venue that allows for provocative interactions with the populace at large. In 2010 Roadside Attractions began exhibiting art projects by international artists while maintaining our commitment to Canadian artists in order to promote and encourage a cultural link with the global community.

Rebpun (Dis)play