(Here we are, children from across the seas)
Photopia 2013
Gallery 44′s annual spring fundraiser
Venue: Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, 401 Richmond St W, #120, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8
Opening reception : 6 PM, APRIL 19
Dates: APRIL 18, 2013 - APRIL 27, 2013
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PHOTOPIA raises funds for Gallery 44's education and exhibition programs

A documentation of me (on the Nikon EM) together with my nephew, Ryan, exploring the Canadian landscapes, with the many lakes and seas that separates us from the familiar terrain and weather of Malaysia.
Edition: 1/1

“Inih Edting Kamih Anak Dipar Bawang”
“Inih Edting Kamih Anak Dipar Bawang”