Illusions, delusions

(03.03.2011) Once upon a time, there was a girl
(04.04.2011) Continue to lose memories throughout her life
(05.05.2011) hey baby boy, siblings united! special atmosphere
(06.06.2011) sitting here, installation, hoping not to end up in this space
(07.07.2011) homeland bound soon, mixed emotions, unable to refrain from changing
(08.08.2011) standing on the same ground he last stood, looking back at his life
(09.09.2011) surviving the long flight, longing for warm bath and bed
(10.10.2011) be thankful for all the friends and laughter
(11.11.2011) evolution of the music with soul as hard as metal
(12.12.2011) searching for the truth that she truly lived
(01.01.2012) the dreaded reality. merciless consideration.
(02.02.2012) forever young though already going to be 30
(03.03.2012) what's your next step in life? uncertain realities
(04.04.2012) all 6 of you, my homies for life
(05.05.2012) laying on her bed, she should be in panic. clock is ticking.
(06.06.2012) nervous and start talking to oneself - opening reception tomorrow
(07.07.2012) "mati lah, ada kipas pun tak guna, tak boleh tidur, panas." summer
(08.08.2012) Beautiful. Incomplete, no where near but almost there
(09.09.2012) I can fully relate to this. Now it's how can I solve this..
(10.10.2012) let the editing marathon begin!
(11.11.2012) It's happening again. URGH! deadlines deadlines.
(12.12.2012) To be exposed to creative people from different communities and field of the arts and getting out of my comfort zone of the familiar.
(01.01.2013) Keep on dreaming
(02.02.2013) Guilty~~
(03.03.2013) To cheer you up.
(04.04.2013) hmmmm... hungry.
(05.05.2013) Event of day: huge eating feast while updating with malaysian election news
(06.06.2013) Today, I will end my day going to bed smiling. Tomorrow, I will try to continue this momentum going.
(07.07.2013) My first video screening selected outside of Canada.
(08.08.2013) A dialect I miss listening to especially in popo's kitchen and breakfast at coffee shops.
(09.09.2013) am forever in scriptwriting mode
(10.10.2013) Art installation night
(11.11.2013) I'm thinking of shutting down my Facebook account.
(12.12.2013) -
(01.01.2014) -

Source: grabbed from my own facebook status