2010 / ANISE


This work was included in 'Creative interventions' DVD.

Presented at the occasion of the re-opening of Ryerson University's Image Arts (IMA) Building on March 21, 2012.

This program with experimental work combines narrative and non-narrative films produced by the students in their first two years of the BFA Film program and in the first year of the MFA in Documentary Media program in 2010-2011. This program was curated by Gerda Cammaer and Pierre Trembly in their role as both instructors and co-image makers. The program focuses on the creative potential of these short films and videos, despite the fact that they were produced with limited tie and several technological constraints.

Experimental films and videos produced at the School of Image Arts in the courses taught by Gerda Cammaer and Pierre Tremblay during the academic year of 2010-2011

Personal Thoughts: My first hands on experience with After Effect CS4 and Photoshop CS4 for a class assignment. The song had to be shorten up to 2 minutes from the original 4 minutes. It was fun.I can now sleep properly and stop dreaming about fishes flying through the clouds. After listening for many times, Jun Togawa (戸川純) ‘s song ‘Preach’, I imagine a world in which this song could play on forever and then I try to recreate it with the tools that I learnt in class. Inspired by her thus adding in elements of personality and also images that could create an eccentric and surreal feeling accompanying her voice. Honestly, I wished I had more time to spend on it while figuring out how AE can work for me. It did turn out well and almost how I wanted it to be but I believe it could have been better. “perfectionist” was what I got when I presented the work.Well, it’s not perfect. I guess I have to move on and now find inspiration for the next project involving AE & Video. For the time being, my chapter with AE & Still Image is on hold.

Sound, HD Video, 1920 x 1080, Color, After Effects/Photoshop, 2 minutes